Hewlett Class of '61

COMING SOON: Hewlett Class of '61 Alumni Website

Hewlett High School is pleased to announce that very soon we will be introducing a new website for the class of 61 alumni.This website will be used for several purposes like giving our alumni a chance to interact with each other, it will also be used to bring back the '61 trivia and provide the statistics of compound bow hunting team. 


Welcome to the Hewlett High School community we are proud to offer you comprehensive programs tailor made to meet the education need of each and every student.We belive thtat each and every student in our school is unique in his or her own special way.That is the main reason why we have gone a step ahead to encourage all our students to take part in all activities and programs offered by HHS,both class work and extra circular activities and ensure that they exploit our faccilities to their maximum ability.

In order to keep in touch with our entire community we have decided to connect with our alumni by creating a special website for the class of 61 known as The class of 61 alumni site which will be coming to you soon.This website will give a chance to our existing students to get mentors from our former students and also allow our alumni to network among themselves.They will also get a chance to get in touch with their long lost friends and catch up.

We are also very proud to announce that our '61 trivia is coming back soon,it will be available in our class of '61 alumni site,this time bigger and better.We aim to ensure maximum fun and interaction between both our existing students and alumini community.In our new site we also plan to offer both online class roll and statistics for the performance statistics of all of our past sporting teams.

We adhere to an enrollment policy which allows our students to take part in a wide variety of extensive and relevant courses which are offered by the school.We also have a program to provide additional support needed by the students.We always hope to train our students to come out as discerning,well educated and responsible citizens who have high self confidence ,respect and skills need to succeed in both college,work and life in general.


So far we are proud to inform you that 98% of those who graduate from HHS are always in capacity to go for post-secondary learning. 85% also manage to qualify for four-year college studies, And about 13% choose to go to 2 year institutions of higher education.

Watch this space as we are continuously looking for new innovative ways to increase the interactions between our students,so we will be unleashing new products now and then.Please keep visiting our website for more information on new services.For more information you have just to contact and will gladly answer all your questions and offer any assistance which you may need.

Once again welcome to our class of '61 page in advance.

While you're waiting for the site to be updated, visit this page to read about some exciting events that occured in 1961: http://www.historyorb.com/events/date/1961